Tree of Life Pendant


Swarovski crystals representing the sky and earth surrounding a tree.  This pendant can be made as a tree of life or as a family tree with birthstone crystals.

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This stunning 1.4 inch (38mm) round silver-plated pendant showcases a pewter tree-of-life that is surrounded by Swarovski crystals.  The crystals, in shades of blue and green, represent the earth and sky surrounding the tree.

The tree is symbolic in many cultures from Ancient Egypt to China, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  It is found in Celtic and Norse mythology and in Jewish, Islamic, Baha’i and Christian religions . Symbolically the Tree of Life has many different meanings in spiritual and mythological traditions. In many cultures it may represent the balance and harmony in nature, wisdom, knowledge, strength, the love of God or immortality.

This pendant can be a beautiful gift when custom ordered to have crystals representing birthstones.  Then the pendant takes on the meaning of a family tree.  Just email me with a request and include the birth months.


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