Lotus Flower


Lotus Flower with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Solar Quartz gemstones

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I formed Sterling silver filled wire into a lotus flower shape and wove it together with Sterling silver wire.  I added a small Rose Quartz gemstone and a larger Rhodochrosite gemstone.  I used sterling wire to create a beadcap on a Solar Quartz briolette which dangles from the base of the flower.  The pendant is finished with a smooth finish sterling silver bail.  I hand crafted this pendant using a tutorial by Nicole Hanna.

The pendant is 1 3/8″ at its widest and is 1 3/16″ tall (approx 3.2×5.5cm)

Stone Property Information:

Rose Quartz is believed to open the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. Rose quartz can also be helpful for dream recall and dream work.Rose quartz is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. Its loving energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves and thereby find ourselves more worthy.

Rhodochrosite is a self-confidence booster owing to bringing a sense of realistic balance to life. It is also used to help cope with problems in life in a graceful, balanced manner without avoidance or denial. It is used to elevate the mind to a higher plane in meditation and energy work. Rhodochrosite balances and enhances love on all levels.

Solar Quartz is an energy enhancer, connecting to spirit and harmony.  It is said to bring emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy.  It is protective, purifying on spiritual, mental and physical levels, used to communicate with spirits and more. Solar Quartz is associated with the crown chakra.

Note this info is provided for informational purposes only, that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and they are not prescriptions or healthcare information. (excerpt from http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/a-to-z-list-of-crystal-meanings)

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Dimensions 1 x 1.875 x 0.75 in


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